1 A: We don’t have any bread. B: I know. I "m going lớn buygoing khổng lồ buy"ll buy some. I took some money from your purse.

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2 A: We don’t have any bread. B: Really? I "ll getwill to get"m going khổng lồ get some from the cửa hàng then.

3 A: Why do you need khổng lồ borrow my suitcase? B: Because I "m going lớn visitgoing lớn visit"ll visit my mother in Scotland next month.

5 A: What are your plans after you leave university? B: I going to work"ll work"m going to lớn work in a hospital in Africa.

7 A: Why are you carrying your laptop? B: I "m going khổng lồ dowill to lớn dowill vị some homework on the train.

9 A: Did you remember lớn buy the tickets? B: Oh no, I forgot! I will to lớn buy"ll buy"m going khổng lồ buy them online now.

10 If you take a look at this graphic, you can see that the economy will getis going getis going lớn get worse very soon.


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Use will to talk about something that you think will happen.

I think he’ll win the election.

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He will be a good doctor.

Use be going to to talk about something that you see is going to lớn happen (there is present evidence).

Don’t drive lượt thích a crazy man. We’re going lớn have an accident!The doctor said I’m going khổng lồ have a girl.

Sometimes there’s little difference between will  and be going to for predictions. Compare:

The conference starts in 10 minutes. We are going khổng lồ be late. (=I can see that we cannot be at the conference in 10 minutes)We need to hurry up. We’ll be late for the conference. (=I think we will be late)


Use will for decisions that you take at the moment of speaking (instant decisions).

‘Oh, we don’t have sugar.’ ‘Don’t worry, I’ll buy some.’

Use be going to for decisions that you have already taken at the moment of speaking (intentions or plans).

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‘Why are you undressing?’ ‘Because I’m going khổng lồ go for a swim.’

Compare these two sentences:

‘Sarah said she needs to talk to you.’ ‘Oh, I didn’t know. I’ll điện thoại tư vấn her in a minute.’ (=I took the decision while having this conversation.)‘Sarah said she needs to talk khổng lồ you.’ ‘Yes, I know. I’m going to gọi her in a minute.‘ (=I took the decision before having this conversation.)