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Fiber optics is a sophisticated high-speed internet công nghệ that sends light through tiny strands of glass to lớn carry data directly lớn your trang chủ at accelerated speeds. These light signals travel faster than the electrical pulses used by copper cabling.

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Unlike the copper coax lines used by most high speed mạng internet providers, fiber mạng internet service is powered by công nghệ that uses light to deliver a faster and more reliable connection. & with the ever increasing amount of multiple users & devices at home, fiber-optic trang chủ internet is the answer for getting the bandwidth và power you want to run lots of devices at the same time with less lag & buffering than cable. When shopping around for internet services, keep in mind the many advantages of fiber optics lớn the home.

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No. Fios runs over a 100% fiber-optic network so you don’t need a phone line khổng lồ get mạng internet only plans from one of the fastest internet providers in your area. If you’re looking for mạng internet service only, we offer specials on Fios internet packages with several different tốc độ options. You can also Mix & Match services lớn maximize your entertainment. Whatever you decide, Fios is an excellent choice when shopping for home internet.

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Fiber remains one of the fastest internet technologies currently available for home internet service. In November 2020, the US had an average download speed of 170.88 Mbps for fixed broadband (not mobile)*. That kind of tốc độ is entry màn chơi for Fios, because its plans start at a strong 200 Mbps and climb lớn impressive speeds up to 940/880 Mbps with Fios Gigabit Connection – making it one of the fastest mạng internet services around. You can download an HD movie before the popcorn is ready with speeds nearing a gigabit, just to give you an idea how fast that is. With upload speeds that aren’t too far from its supercharged downloads, it’s no wonder rated Fios the fastest mạng internet in America.** How fast is your current home internet plan? check your tốc độ now.

*SpeedTest Global Index provided by Ookla

Yes, Fios fiber-optic home internet can provide Wi-Fi for your home. With Fios as your wireless trang chủ internet service provider & the next-generation Wi-Fi 6 Fios Router installed in your home, you"ll enjoy lightning fast speeds for your connected devices. Fios is a 100% fiber-optic network that delivers some of the fastest mạng internet speeds lớn millions of homes. It uses fiber optics to lớn transmit data at the tốc độ of light, providing a fast internet connection and powerful bandwidth for multiple devices, whether wired or wireless. Fios is one of the only internet service providers to lớn offer nearly matching tải về and upload speeds, which is a major advantage when you’re đoạn clip chatting, gaming & sharing large files or images.